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Pressure Assist or Gravity Toilets

Jan 11, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Edmonton)  |  Toilets

So you’ve decided to replace your toilet. Though it may seem like all toilets are more or less the same, there are actually many options to consider. One of those choices is between a pressure-assisted or gravity toilet.

Most customers are most familiar with the traditional gravity toilet which stores water in a tank (or cistern) typically located behind the seat. When flushed, water is pushed downwards through a valve to sweep the waste down the drain.

Pressure-assist toilets, however, rely on a highly-pressurized tank of compressed air and water. When flushed, this tank ejects this water and air into the bowl at high speed, forcing the waste though your home’s piping. Pressure assist toilets might (depending on the model) use slightly less water than gravity-types. They also clog less often. However, they cost significantly more and their tanks must be replaced at least every ten years. They are also a lot noisier and more expensive than traditional gravity toilets.

Ultimately, the choice between gravity toilets and pressure-assists comes down to preference. Factors such as maintenance cost, water-usage, and noise levels must each be weighed before making the decision.